Beer Scores - Top 20 Pubs

This Month's Top 20 Pubs for Beer Quality

Beer Quality is assessed by the appearance, aroma, taste and aftertaste of a particular beer in a particular pub on a particular occasion. Short measures without being offered a top-up can also affect the score, as can a bad beer not being graciously replaced.

It's not about the taster's personal likes or dislikes. After all, they are likely to select a beer that suits their personal liking at the point of ordering.

The same beer in two different pubs could be given two different scores. It's all down to the way the pub keeps and presents its beers.

The pubs below currently have the highest beer quality scores averaged over a rolling two calendar months, a month at a time. They are displayed in alphabetical order. The second column shows how often a pub has been in the top 20 over the preceeding 11 calendar months.

Period Covered: February And March 2018

PubTimes in Top 20
Anchor Inn, Caunsall12
Beer Emporium & Cider House, Kidderminster12
Bell, Pensax9
Black Boy Inn, Bewdley* 1
Black Boy, Wyre Hill, Bewdley* 3
Black Star, Stourport-on-Severn11
Eagle & Spur, Cookley4
George Hotel, Bewdley** 7
Great Western, Bewdley11
Hollybush, Stourport-on-Severn9
King & Castle, Kidderminster12
King Arthur, Hagley* 6
Mug House, Bewdley10
Olde Seven Stars, Kidderminster5
Penny Black, Kidderminster7
Real Ale Tavern, Bewdley* 5
Station Inn, Kidderminster12
Swan, Kidderminster11
Weavers at Park Lane, Kidderminster10
Weavers Real Ale House, Kidderminster12

* = Opened or changed hands within the last 12 months
** = George Hotel Currently Closed - Due to reopen May 2018